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birth mother
Birth mother Kaitlyn visiting with her daughter Mani, adopted 2013

What does it mean to be a birth mother

This article is all about what it means to be a birth mother.  When a woman puts her baby up for adoption, it changes many lives.  Her life, her child’s life, and the family and friends of the adoptive family will all be shaped by a birth mother’s courageous and thoughtful decision. A birth mother thinks hard about choosing adoption. Women choose adoption for many different reasons. They know that they are unable to parent this child at this time.  They decide to consider that child’s future by choosing adoption. Choosing adoption is not about giving up on your baby or giving babies up for adoption. It’s about choosing to create a new family.

A birth mother thinks about values

Birth mothers who choose adoption have considered their values about parenting.  Many realize that they aren’t able to parent their child at this time. Instead, they consider who would be able to provide this type of loving, value-filled parenting to their child. While expectant parents often consider their parenting values, a birth mother must consider this carefully as she chooses an adoption agency or finds adoptive parents for her child.

Birth mothers take responsibility

Choosing adoption is a huge responsibility. If you’re a birth mother, you can choose a an adoption law firm, adoption agency or may even choose to have a family member adopt your child. You can also look at independent adoption and look at many profiles of families before you choose the ones who are the right fit for you and your child.

birth mother
Hunter and Michelle adopted Zachary in 2013

Birth mothers work through grief and loss

Adoption is not just a logical process, it’s an emotional one as well. A birth mother who chooses to carry a child and have someone else adopt that child is called upon to be strong and loving. She grieves the loss of one future with her child while ensuring that her child has a different future.

A Birth mother maintains family connections

Being a birth mother doesn’t end when a child is born. Many birth mothers choose to maintain a relationship with their child after the child is born. They can outline this relationship in an adoption plan, and it may evolve over time as well. Birth mothers who choose open adoption choose to support their child’s development by remaining open to contact in the future.

Birth mothers build a relationship with the new family

In addition to creating a relationship with their child, birth mothers who choose open adoption also create a relationship with the child’s adoptive family. They choose to bring their child’s adoptive parents into their life by encouraging open communication of medical information, family history, and photographs of the child. Some also choose to visit with their child and the adoptive family.

Women who put babies up for adoption are able to consider their child’s best interests even as they work through their own feelings about their pregnancy and the possibilities of adoption. They create an adoption plan with their child’s best interests in mind.


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