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Our mission is to provide a free and unbiased resource for birth mothers and adoptees who are making important adoption decisions.

Putting Baby Up for Adoption Near Me

Pregnant & Considering Adoption

Women like you have a right to free and unbiased information as you consider adoption. This means talking with a professional like me who doesn’t have a financial stake in whether or not you place your baby for adoption.

Birth Mothers Megan Has Helped

Free Advice for Birth Mothers Who Have Placed a Child for Adoption

I’m Megan Cohen, the founder of The Adoption Resource Center. As a birth mother and an attorney, I have a wealth of experience and information. I know exactly how it feels to place a child, to process that experience, to move forward, and to come out from the other side of adoption better for it.

free advice for birth mothers
Birth Mothers Megan Has Helped

Adoptees Searching for Biological Family

Do you want to find birth parents? The Adoption Resource Center provides free search services to adoptees looking for their birth parents.

Adoptees Megan Has Helped

Free Adoption Mediation Services

Our goal is to facilitate a respectful and positive relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents that ultimately benefits the adoptee. While it isn’t possible to resolve and mend every issue, we may be able to provide a bridge or a buffer so that the parties, over time, can build trust and respect.

From Megan

“We believe that adoptees benefit from a positive relationship between their adoptive and birth parents. Our mission is to help facilitate contact that is in the best interest of their children.”