Find a Family to Adopt

Finding a Family to Adopt

Are you looking for parents to adopt your baby?  I can help.  I’m an adoption attorney and a birth mother, and I know what you are going through.  You don’t have to worry about whether you are choosing the right parents when you work with me.

I will help you connect with adoptive parents who are background checked and finger-printed and pre-approved to adopt; who would love a baby of any race or gender; and who want the kind of adoption you want, Most important, I will help you connect with a family who I’d feel comfortable placing my own child with. My services are free to pregnant women considering adoption.

Here are some guidelines on how I will help you find the best possible adoptive family for your baby:

Get to know the adoptive parents by asking good questions

You might feel nervous about the first phone call or meeting with the parents. Certainly, It can be helpful to have some questions ready when you talk. You can click here to see a list of potential questions. After you’ve spoken or met, ask yourself if you like and trust the adoptive parents. You can tell a lot about people in just the first few moments. Consequently, you should trust your instincts and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like and trust the adoptive parents?
  • What are their interests and do you share these?
  • Do you share the same values about family and kids?
  • Finally, are they loving and supportive of each other?

If you aren’t sure about the answers to these questions, think about them when you talk with them again. Keep these points in mind as you get to know them better.

Find parents who want the same type of adoption you want, open or semi-open or closed

Paul and Leslie, adopted Zelda 2015 and Smith 2017
Paul and Leslie, adopted Zelda 2015 and Smith 2017

I will help you find adoptive parents who are educated about open and closed adoption, and are also respectful of what an expectant mother wants.  Here is the definition of each type of adoption:

  • Open adoption: you have contact with the parents before and after the baby is born.  This can include phone calls, letters, Skype visits and in-person visits.
  • Semi-open adoption: you have some contact with the adoptive parents and your child, usually through a third person attorney, like me, or adoption agency.
  • Closed adoption: there is not contact with the parents before or after the baby is born.

Some women don’t know if they want an open  or closed adoption.  In  fact, many who  think they want closed will decide the want open or semi-open once they learn more about the process.  When you work with me you don’t have decide right away and you can always change your mind and make a close adoption open or semi-open.   When you are looking for parents to adopt your baby, I think it’s important to  choose from my adoptive parents.  They are really flexible about open, semi-open and closed adoption.

Parents who are educated on all aspects of adoption make the best adoptive parents

It’s really important for adoptive parents to learn about adoption, what it means to raise an adoptee, and what it means to have biological parents involved, if you want, in their child’s life.  The parents I work with have been  educated about all aspects of adoption.   If you’re looking for parents to adopt your baby, I  think it’s important that they have been education on the following issues:

  • Transracial adoption and raising a child of a different race
  • How to talk with your adopted child about adoption and the biological family
  • Open and closed adoption and the pros and cons of each
  • Mental health issues, medical conditions, and drug and alcohol use during pregnancy

Once the parents have this education, they can decide if adoption is right for them.  Just as adoption isn’t always the best option for an expectant mother, it is also true that adoption may not be the best option for parents wanting a family.

Be open-minded and trust your instincts

Some women are surprised to find that the perfect family is the first family they considered.  Sometimes they know by looking at just one photo or reading just one letter.  There is just something about the parents that jumps out at her.  They trust their instincts and their heart, and as they continue to get to know the parents,  the mother comes to realize they really are a perfect fit.  When you are looking for parents to adopt your baby, don’t be afraid to trust your instincts.  Frequently we know what we need to know about people in the first few moments we meet them.  The same can be true with adoptive parents.

If you are ready to start looking at prospective adoptive parents, I’m here to help. Use the contact button below to reach out to me personally and directly today.

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