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Be honest about the father when putting your baby up for adoption

It’s important to be honest about the father when putting your baby up for adoption. Learning that you’re pregnant when you aren’t ready to parent can bring many emotions. One concern you may have regarding the pregnancy is sharing the news with the birth father.

Here are several reasons why honesty is important when it comes to the birth father when you’ve chosen adoption.  Remember that you don’t have to talk with him if you don’t want to.  We can handle everything for you.  

Every situation is different, and there are certainly times when a birth father doesn’t want to be involved in the adoption plan.  Whatever your situation, we have the legal tools to help.  Here are some situations where birth mothers worry that they can’t do an adoption because of the baby’s father.  We can help even if:

  • You aren’t sure who the baby’s father is
  • You aren’t sure what his name is or where he lives
  • Baby’s father is in jail
  • Baby’s father refuses to cooperate with the adoption
  • Your spouse is not the baby’s father

Terminating birth father rights solidifies the adoption

The last thing you want after choosing adoption, selecting the adopting parents, and entering the final stages of pregnancy, is for the birth father to discover the pregnancy and attempt to undo the adoption process.  You might consider putting a baby up for adoption without the father’s consent, but it is usually much easier to process an adoption when we know who the potential fathers are ahead of time.  This allows us to be proactive versus dealing with surprises.

If you’re uncomfortable telling the birth father about your pregnancy, we can help. We can tell him about the pregnancy and the adoption and will work with him to either involve him in the process or terminate his rights without his involvement, if possible.

Respect the birth father’s rights

Involving birth fathers in the adoption process usually is in everyone’s interests.  It makes the adoption solid and is the most ethical way to process an adoption.  It’s important for you to know the birth father’s rights as soon as possible so we can understand how he will be involved in the adoption process, if at all.

Respecting and upholding all birth father rights is essential to an ethical adoption.  In fact, many women feel a sense of relief once they know what the father’s rights are and how they will be handled.  Be honest about who the birth father is so we can plan accordingly.  You may be surprised to find how much more confident you feel about the adoption knowing that the father’s rights have been honored and then terminated legally.

I also believe birth father rights is important information for you to have as you decide if adoption is right for you.  The only way to have this accurate information is to share who all the potential fathers might be. If you are certain about putting a baby up for adoption without the father’s consent, contact me today.  I can help you understand his rights and the best way to proceed.

Feel free to text, call, or email any questions you have about your baby’s father’s rights.  I’m happy to help.

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