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The purpose of The Adoption Resource Center is to provide community and support for birth mothers who have placed a child for adoption. We are a non-profit dedicated to supporting this important, and often overlooked, population.

I am an adoption attorney and a birth mother myself. I understand personally how lost and forgotten some birth mothers may feel after adoption. Because of my own experience, I understand that many women don’t know where to turn for advice, perspective and just someone to listen.

Here’s what you can expect if you reach out for birth mother support:

Honest Advice And Insight

I personally respond to every email and text that The Adoption Resource Center receives from birth mothers. My response is always based on my personal experience as well as decades of talking with birth mothers. I will never glorify adoption or pretend that your difficult feelings about adoption will get better. I am realistic and very straightforward.

While my open adoption is a positive one, I know for certain that this is not every woman’s experience. I won’t try to make you feel better or tell you what you want to hear. Whatever your question or concern, rest assured that you will get an honest and straightforward response from me.

Quick Response That Addresses Your Specific Question or Concern

I am not a robot, and I don’t have prewritten responses that I cut and paste into an email. My response time is usually within 24 hours and frequently immediate. If you are in a time sensitive situation (on your way to the first reunion meeting with your adopted child) please let me know in the subject line that it’s urgent. I do my best to respond to these urgent inquiries as quickly as possible.

Sometimes women will reach out with a question that I have written about, and I might send you a link to something I’ve already written on your topic. Even if that’s the case, you are always welcome to follow up with me to ask more question or just to talk, if that’s what’s most helpful to you.

Access To One-On-One Birth Mother Support

When you reach out to me using the contact options on this page, you will be hearing directly from me. This type of one-on-one support is unique and hard to find. I have worked with hundreds of birth mothers over the years, and I can put you in touch with birth mothers I’ve worked with who also want to make connections.

Finally, there are very few groups out there who provide real support to birth mothers who are getting back on their feet or struggling with their adoptions. I highly recommend Brave Love’s support group, which provides information and support for everyone in the adoption triad.

Wherever you are in your journey, we are here for you. I invite you to reach out to me directly using the contact options on this page. I’m here just to listen if that’s most helpful to you.

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