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Nonprofit Adoption Organization

A local nonprofit adoption organization can help you find the perfect family

If you are researching a local nonprofit adoption organization, it’s important to understand that agencies all over the country are advertising here in California. They are hoping you will contact them to make an adoption plan and find a family to adopt. Many women are surprised to learn that the agency they found on line is thousands of miles away in another state.

If you want a true local non-profit adoption organization in Northern California, The Adoption Resource Center can help you place your unborn baby for adoption.

We are located in Northern California and our adoptive families also live in Northern California. For some expectant mothers, this is important. Some birth parents and adoptive parents want to have the option for visits in the future.  This is easier if the adoptive family is local.

Of course, people do move away and out of the area, so choosing a local family is really a nice-to-have.  If it is a deal-breaker for you, find a family who is firmly established in the area with roots and ties that would make it highly unlikely they’d move away.

How To Choose an Online Adoption Organization

The Adoption Resource Center is different. We are a non-profit started by a birth mother, Megan Cohen. Megan believes that expectant moms deserve unbiased, expert information about adoption, their rights, and their options.

We are a very small organization, not a huge adoption agency that has offices all over the country. We work with just a few expectant moms and adoptive parents at any given time. In this way, our families and birth parents receive the most personalized and one-on-one service available.

The Adoption Resource Provides Expert and Local Support

Adoption involves many emotions. In the best of circumstances, adoption can be an emotional rollercoaster.  Some expectant parents have the support of either family members, friends, or their baby’s father.  It is common, however, that an expectant mother won’t have support because she’s on her own, or because she is keeping the pregnancy to herself.

This is where The Adoption Resource can be helpful. Our services are always confidential and you will be working directly with Megan Cohen, an attorney and birth mother. You will always know you are in the most capable, professional hands. Megan is available to you 24/7.

Because Megan is in Northern California you can meet, if you wish, and talk about your situation with her in person (she’s really easy to talk to!).

Our Role In A Closed Adoption

Some expectant mothers want a closed adoption.  In a closed adoption, the expectant mother may or may not choose the adoptive parents.  She also may have limited, anonymous contact with the adoptive parents.  The Adoption Resource Center’s role in a closed adoption is to make sure that everyone’s private information is protected and to make sure that their expectations are met.

If you work with us on your closed adoption, you will always have the option to open it up in the future. The families we work with all want an open adoption, if that’s what you want. They are also comfortable with a closed adoption if you decide that’s best for you.

Finding a local non-profit adoption organization can make the adoption process smooth and stress free. Knowing this can help you focus on the pregnancy and making the choices that are right for you and your baby.

Megan Cohen is a California adoption attorney and a birth mother.  You can read more about Megan and the adoption work she does here.













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