Who We Are

Our Commitment to Pregnant Women Considering Adoption

We are a team of adoption professionals and volunteers who believe that birth mothers have a right to unbiased information as they consider adoption. This means talking with a professional who doesn’t have a financial stake in whether or not a woman places her baby for adoption.

Too many times we have spoken with women who were given vague and inaccurate information about whether and when they can change their minds and ask for their baby back. Too many times we have spoken to women who were inadvertently coerced by the irresistible offer of financial assistance during pregnancy.

We want to take the “industry” out of adoption and provide any woman who is considering adoption the unbiased and accurate information and support she needs to make the best possible decision for herself and her family.

Our Commitment to Birth Mothers Who Have Placed a Child for Adoption

Our founder is a birth mother and knows exactly how lost and forgotten birth mothers may feel after adoption. For every adoption over the years, there is a birth mother who has lost a child. She may be from any ethnic or social background, and fits into an unlimited age range. Some have never spoken about their adoptions. Others might have recently found, or been found, by their biological child.

We are here to offer guidance and support to birth mothers. No question or situation is too big or too small. Whether she is preparing to tell her partner or the children she is parenting, or her own parents about adoption; whether she is terrified to respond to an email from her recently discovered biological child; or whether she is processing grief and loss alone, we are here for her—to provide advice and counsel or just someone to listen.

Our Commitment to Adoptees Looking for Biological Family

Over the years, we have heard from countless adoptees who are looking for their biological families. Some of these just want information about their medical histories. Others want to fill a void or find a missing piece to make their life stories whole. Many want to know if their biological families are looking for them. 

Adoptees didn’t choose to be so, and we believe that every adoptee has a human right to know who their biological family is and to have access to medical information, which may be critical to their well-being and that of their family. Information can be a very powerful tool to healing, moving forward, and finding our place in the world.

Our Commitment to Birth Parents Needing Free Mediation

We believe that free mediation for birth parents may bring folks to the table who might not otherwise do so because of cost. Our goal is to facilitate a respectful and positive relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents that ultimately benefits the adoptee. While it isn’t possible to resolve and mend every issue, we may be able to provide a bridge or a buffer so that the parties, over time, can build trust and respect.