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Not Ready To Be A Mom

It’s not uncommon for a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to feel she’s not ready to be a mom. Parenthood can be overwhelming emotionally. It is challenging in the best of circumstances, and when a woman doesn’t have emotional support, parenting can be daunting. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, women have some options. These include terminating the pregnancy, adoption, and parenting.

If you are thinking about adoption The Adoption Resource Center can help. We are one of the most trusted nonprofits in the country. When you work with us, you will work directly with Megan Cohen, an attorney and birth mother. Adoption isn’t the right choice for everyone, but it might be a good choice for you and your baby. Use the contact options on this page to reach out to Megan directly if you want more information.

In the meantime, here are some reasons why women feel they are not ready to be a mom:

not ready to be a mom

Managing Mental Illness

It’s no secret that mental illness affects many people. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and access to mental health care is a challenge for many. For some women experiencing mental illness, the thought of bringing a child into her life is unbearable. Most mothers want the very best for their child, and when a woman feels she can’t take care of herself, she can’t imagine how she’d care for her child.

We’ve worked with many women struggling with mental illness. Our goal is always to make sure that mom is making a fee and conscious choice to place her baby for adoption. On several occasions we’ve arranged for therapy sessions with a psychiatrist to make sure a woman understands what she is doing, that adoption is permanent and cannot be undone.

Adoptive parents are very understanding and compassionate about mental illness. It’s always helpful to have a diagnosis to better care for the child as she or he grows older and possibly experiences similar issues. However, you can still place your baby for adoption whether you have been diagnosed with a mental illness or not.

Parenting As A Teenager

Teenagers are still children themselves, so it’s no surprise that a teenager wouldn’t feel ready to be a mom. Girls who choose to parent tend not to finish school, suffer more health problems than other teens, and are more likely to live in poverty. While having a baby might sound like a lot fun to some girls, others understand that their futures may be limited if they make the choice to parent.

We do our very best to help teenagers talk through their unplanned pregnancy options. Our goal is to support them in making a plan to talk with their parents or other trusted adults about their options so they don’t go through it alone. The adults in their lives tend to support the idea that the pregnant teen isn’t ready to be a mom. In some cases, the family will be supportive in helping the teen to parent so she can finish school and pursue her goals.

Baby’s Father Won’t Be Involved

It’s really common for a woman to feel she isn’t ready to be a mom when she knows she will be parenting without the father’s support. Raising a child from infancy through to teenage and adult years is an expensive and emotional journey. There are many ups and downs, and some women feel they can’t do it alone. These women tend to be realists, maybe they have other kids or were raised by a single mom.

Whatever your situation, if you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and don’t feel ready to be a mom, we are here to listen. We can help you think through your options and to make a plan. If you are considering adoption, we are experts at helping you make a plan and choosing and adoptive family. Use the contact options on this page to reach out today for expert and compassionate support!


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