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Do I Have To Pay To Give A Baby Up For Adoption

Many women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy wonder if they have to pay to give a baby up for adoption. The answer is no. Choosing adoption is absolutely free to expectant moms.

Adoptive Parents Cover All Costs In A Private Adoption

pay to give a baby up for adoption

A private adoption is when an expectant mom places her baby voluntarily with an agency or an adoptive family. She then signs paperwork to voluntarily terminate her parental rights. In these types of adoptions, the adoptive parents cover all of the cost. This includes the cost for a home study, baby and birth mother’s medical bills, and in some cases, the birth mother’s pregnancy related expenses. This is true whether you work with an adoption agency, a facilitator or an attorney. These adoption professionals collect funds from the adoptive parents to cover the birth mother’s expenses. It would be highly unusual, if not unheard of, that the agency, attorney, or facilitator would cover the costs themselves.

Adoption Attorneys Are Free to Expectant Moms

Some states require that a birth mother have an attorney when she’s signing adoption paperwork. Many states don’t require that a birth mother has an attorney. It used to be that all adoptions were processed through adoption agencies with no attorneys involved. Today, women don’t necessarily want to place their child for adoption through an adoption agency. In fact, it has become much more common that a woman places her baby directly with an adoptive family. In these adoptions, the birth mother might want an attorney.

If you are considering adoption and you want an attorney to represent you, The Adoption Resource Center is always available to provide legal counsel at no cost to you.  If you choose to work with us, you will work directly with Megan Cohen, an adoption attorney and birth mother.

Some Women Want To Cover Their Own Costs

You don’t have to pay to give a baby up for adoption, but some women prefer to cover their own costs. The reason for this is that many expectant moms don’t want to feel obligated to the adoptive parents. When a woman accepts financial assistance from adoption parents, sometimes she’ll feel obligated to move forward with the adoption. The fact is that you are never obligated to move forward with an adoption, even if you accept financial assistance. We have spoken with many women over the years who wish they hadn’t accepted financial assistance from the adoptive parents. Most admit that they were encouraged to accept this assistance. They didn’t realize how they’d feel afterward or that they didn’t have to accept it if they didn’t feel comfortable with it.

We believe that a woman should accept assistance if she needs it and with full knowledge of what it means to do so. If you think you might feel uncomfortable with it afterward, you can always say no.

If you are considering adoption we can help! Use the contact options on this page to reach out today. You will be connected directly and personally to Megan Cohen, adoption attorney and birth mother. She will answer all of your questions, big and small, and will be there for you every step of the way if you choose adoption. Even if you aren’t sure about adoption, Megan is here for you to listen and to support you not matter what you choose. She’s here for you just to listen if that’s what you need most. Contact today!



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