Free Adoption Mediation Services

We believe that free adoption mediation services may bring folks to the table who might not otherwise do so because of cost. Our goal is to facilitate a respectful and positive relationship between birth parents and adoptive parents that ultimately benefits the adoptee. While it isn’t possible to resolve and mend every issue, we may be able to provide a bridge or a buffer so that the parties, over time, can build trust and respect.

If you are a birth parent or an adoptive parent, wishing to initiate mediation to build a better relationship with your child’s adoptive or biological parents, we are here to help.

Our mediation services do NOT include court ordered mediation cases, and we may be unable to respond to your inquiry if this is your situation. If you are required to attend mediation based on a court order, the court usually provides free mediation services.

Please complete the confidential form below, telling us more about your situation and how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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